About 2019 Paper Expo China

    The largest and most influential paper event in China

    Guangzhou Paper Expo is the largest and most established international pulp and paper event in China. The 16th edition of the exhibition will feature a greater range of cutting-edge paper products and technologies presented by both local and international exhibitors. And more international exhibitors will be specially introduced to the 16th Guangzhou Paper Expo since the adjustment of Chinese paper market, which will be a good news and a signal for those foreign paper enterprises who want to occupy market share in China and even Asian market to seize the initiative. The annual Guangzhou Paper Expo is the ideal networking platform for the paper community in Asia.

    After 15 successful editions, Guangzhou Paper Expo (also known as Paper Expo China) has established itself as the trademark paper event for the industry players and leading brands to showcase their latest marine products, services and technology, as well as the meeting point for key paper industry leaders to explore new business opportunities in China.

    The 16th International Pulp & Paper Industry Expo-China will be held at Poly World Trade Expo Center in metropolis Guangzhou, China, on June 4–6, 2019. The exhibition area will reach 10,000 square meters, and is expected to gather more than 200 exhibitors from over 10 countries. The thematic exhibition area shows new products and innovative technologies of paper making industry chain, which includes various kind of paper, pulp and paper making technology, paper making chemicals,etc. 

    Exhibitor Profile

    Pulp and Paper KEY PART

    Ø packaging paper, printing paper  

    Ø cultural paper, office paper

    Ø industrial paper, all kinds of paper board    

    Ø printing specialty paper: arts paper, patterned paper, iridescent paper, gold and silver cardboard, PVC etc

    Ø tissue

    Ø other specialty paper and board

    Ø pulp factory, etc

    Paper Equipment

    Ø machinery, accessory, auxiliary equipment of pulp paper      

    Ø paper-making automation and instrument

    Ø tissue paper related equipment

    Ø energy-saving, environmental protection, and “three wastes” treatment technology and equipment

    Ø paper processing, printing, and packaging equipment

    Paper Chemicals

    Ø modified starch

    Ø sizing agent

    Ø water soluble polymer

    Ø functional paper-making chemicals

    Ø process of paper making chemicals

    Ø material: talcum powder, light calcium carbonate, ultra-fine grinding of heavy calcium carbonate, kaolin, titanium dioxide, etc.;

    Ø coated adhesive (rubber): carboxylic styrene butadiene rubber, benzene – acrylic copolymer emulsion and CMC, casein, etc;

    Ø paper-making enzyme and biological technology; paper industry water treatment agent, and other kinds of paper making chemicals.

    Facts at a Glance (Guangzhou Paper Expo 2018

    A Glimpse of Some Exhibitors 2018

    A Glimpse of Some Visitors 2018

    An opportunity for overseas paper- China Ask for More Imported Paper



    The China paper industry and market has experienced a sudden price soar since October 2016. From paper mills to the upstream to the carton plants, and then to the end of customers, without exception, all parties were involved in this cost-shifting game.


    RMB devaluation, environmental protection pressure, rise of coal transportation costs and other factors continue to push up the price, and in many places “a piece of paper is difficult to find”, but the crazy paper price will continue.


    This is a reshuffle in the paper making industry in China and that is the trend. The oligarchs in paper industry will benefit.


    “A paper is also difficult to find”. A manager from Ningbo Gaodu paper said that due to the shortage of the upstream supply, more local paper mills show more interest to find and purchase raw materials from abroad than ever before. Since October 2016, the paper market has opened up the skyrocketing mode and the production costs has risen by 30%. The cost was passed on from party to party. And now the gray board price has risen by more than 1,000 RMB per ton, kraft paper price has risen by nearly 2,000 RMB per ton and approx. 1,000 RMB for white papers.