Exhibitor Profile

    Pulp and Paper 

    • packaging paper, printing paper  
    • cultural paper, office paper
    • industrial paper, kraft liner and all kinds of paper board    
    • printing specialty paper: arts paper, patterned paper, iridescent paper, gold and silver cardboard, PVC etc
    • tissue
    • other specialty paper and board
    • pulp factory, etc

    Paper Equipment

    • machinery, accessory, auxiliary equipment of pulp paper      
    • paper-making automation and instrument
    • tissue paper related equipment
    • energy-saving, environmental protection, and “three wastes” treatment technology and equipment
    • paper processing, printing, and packaging equipment

    Paper Chemicals

    • modified starch
    • sizing agent
    • water soluble polymer
    • functional paper-making chemicals
    • process of paper making chemicals
    • material: talcum powder, light calcium carbonate, ultra-fine grinding of heavy calcium carbonate, kaolin, titanium dioxide, etc.;
    • coated adhesive (rubber): carboxylic styrene butadiene rubber, benzene – acrylic copolymer emulsion and CMC, casein, etc;
    • paper-making enzyme and biological technology; paper industry water treatment agent, and other kinds of paper making chemicals.