Exhibition Highlights

    Paper Expo China 2018 Features                               

    Ø Help enterprise explores countries participating in the “Belt and Road” initiative

    As China’s new strategy, the OBOR strategy will be an important support China’s economy continued to forge ahead in the future,the pulp and paper industry in OBOR economic zone will have a great development potential. At present, except China and a few countries from OBOR economic zone, the development of paper industry in other countries is relatively backward, and also the technology and production are relatively low, but in terms of labor, resources, market is conducive to the development of paper industry. According to statistics, Chinese exports to the OBOR along more than 60 countries about 4 million tons of paper products, representing an annual growth of 14%, exported some US $ 7 billion, representing an annual growth of 23%. Thus, the economic demand for paper is large, in addition to continued imports, there will be some degree of construction scale of the increase in paper production.

    Since 2005, the Guangzhou International paper Expo continuously unit India, and Thailand, Indonesia, Viet Nam, and Malaysia, Pakistan, South Africa and other countries’ paper industry association’s strong support and visited the purchase, total more than 1,000 international professional buyers purchase every year. In 2018, the exhibition will be country wide along the OBOR, carry out in-depth cooperation, including the Organization of “The 1st country paper making equipment, paper procurement matchmaking along the OBOR” theme activities, for countries and areas along paper mill and paper making equipment company to build a platform for Commerce and technology cooperation.cooperation.

    Ø Held at the same time “2018 The 3rd Paper Industry Seminar of China Ten ProvincesAreas

    The Pulp and Paper Associations of Guangdong. Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Henan, Fujian,Sichuan, Guangxi, Hubei, Hunan an Jiangxi will organize the seminar for discussing China’s paper-making industry’s structural adjustment, innovation transformation and upgrading, intelligent manufacturing, low carbon, renewable and green development. There are 1000 professionals and leaders of pulp and paper companies, equipment manufacturing, paper chemicals, printing and packaging industry, production, technology, equipment and environmental departments of related industrial research institutions and associations will participate in this seminar and share their successful experiences in advanced equipment, technology utilization, technology reform.  

    Ø Held at the same time“2018 The international paper chemicals technology (guangzhou) development forum”

    This forum’s theme is paper chemical’s development drives paper making industry’s transformation. Many domestic and international professionals of pulp and paper making, paper chemicals, equipment areas will discuss and explore papaer chemical’s national industrial policy, environmental protection policy, industrial development’s situation and prospect of domestic and overseas, internet and paper chemicals, technology innovation, new product and utilization.

    Ø Held at the same time 2018 Paper making equipment purchasing meeting for overseas buyers

    The purchasing equipment includes paper making equipment and paper chemicals, etc. The buyers mainly from VietnamMalaysiaThailandIndonesiaetc.

    Ø Held at the same time  Paper purchasing meeting

    The meeting will invites groups of printing and packaging associations of south in China and Southeast Asian countries and B to B paper purchasing meeting will be held together.

    Ø One-on-one VIP buyers invitation service

    Organizer will arrange personnel to track objectscontact the exhibitor and buyer one-on-one service, helping the exhibitors achieve their goals.

    As a VIP service of buyers, it includes getting visiting certificates in advance, VIP negotiation area (free to enjoy coffee, drinks, etc), Free to attend the meeting, Lucky draw and have the opportunity to get free accommodation and reimbursement one-way fares, and so on.